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Kathmandu Everest 1400m-8848m
Kathmandu Makalu 1400m-8481m
Kathmandu Annapurna 1400m-8481m
Kathmandu Dhaulagiri 1400m-8167m
Kathmandu Manaslu 1400m-8156m
Kathmandu Kanchenjunga 1400m-8586m
Kathmandu Langtang 1400m-7234m
Kathmandu Everest Base Camp 1400m-5380m
Kathmandu Renjolapass 1400m-5340m
Kathmandu Island Peak 1400m-6189m
Kathmandu Gokyo 1400m-5357m
Kathmandu Ghandruk 1400m-2000m
Kathmandu Muktinath 1400m-3710m
Kathmandu Dhaulagiri Base Camp 1400m-4748m
Kathmandu Tsum Valley 1400m-5093m
Kathmandu Thorongla pass 1400m-5416m
Kathmandu Larkya pass 1400m-5200m
Kathmandu Helambu 1400m-3650m
Kathmandu Mount Lohtse 1400m-8516m
Kathmandu Mount pumori 1400m-7161m
Kathmandu Cho-oyu 1400m-8201m
Kathmandu Annapurna-IV 1400m-7525m
Kathmandu Annapurna-I 1400m-8091m
Kathmandu Amadblam 1400m-6812m
Kathmandu Lakpari 1400m-7045m
Kathmandu Lobutche 1400m-4940m
Kathmandu Mera peak 1400m-6476m
Kathmandu Baruntse 1400m-7129m
Kathmandu Naya Kanga 1400m-5846m
Kathmandu Ruby valley 1400m-1853m


  • 16 Aug 2017

Nepal, a country where nature resides, has been one of the popular destination for holidays as well as adventure for thousands of tourist. According to the statistics published, 729550 tourists visited nepal in 2016. As Nepal is reeling from a 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck near the center of the country, it has raised fears and doubts amongst tourists who planned or wished to visit Nepal but are now hesitant about their trips. Well think again! Visiting Nepal now might just be the best time and life-changing experience you have been looking for. Whether you plan to visit nepal for a short period of time or plan for a long trip, Nepal welcomes you heartily to the land of natural beauty. If you are planning your escape to Nepal this 2017, here are the reasons to make your choice a perfect choice.


Just by coming to Nepal and visiting the amazing places it has to offer, you will contribute towards the long-term rebuilding process of Nepal. Visiting Nepal will boost the morale of Nepalese and help Nepal’s tourism industry (which provides millions of jobs to these Nepalese people) bounce back. In spite of the earthquake, most of the places in Nepal are perfectly safe to travel. Travel agencies, hotels, airlines, communication, roadways, hospitals and other services are up and running in most of the areas. Annapurna region, Nepal’s most popular trekking region and Pokhara, the beautiful lake city, is untouched and safe to visit. Being here at such a critical time, be it for volunteering or simply visiting Nepal, means you are helping us in every possible way. Later when you look back and reflect on your life, you can proudly say that “I was a part of this tragedy when Nepal was limping back from the massive earthquake. I was there and I helped.” You will be a part of Nepalese history forever.


Nepal, the birthplace of lord Gautam Buddha, is always warm and peaceful. You can travel multiple destinations enjoying nature to its fullest. Most of the trails and trekking routes of Nepal are flooded with tourists every season preventing you from getting the best of what those places and trails have to offer. This might just be the right time for you to visit Nepal and immerse in the natural splendor without having anyone to bother you.


The first thing that is going to make you happy is the value of Nepalese Currency. The equivalent value of Nepalese currency to most of the foreign countries is impressively high which makes you comfortable for many monetary actions. Hotels, travel agents, tour operators, restaurants are giving some of the best deals and discount offers you could only hope for. In a bid to encourage travelers and visitors, they have come up with some of the greatest deals of all time. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the opportunity right away!


Have you ever travelled on the lap of himalayas? Have you watched the giant Mt.Everest right in front of your eyes? Well then welcome to Nepal where you can trek along Everest Region, Annapurna Region, Makalu Region, Manaslu Region or Langtang Region. You can also experience Rafting, Bunjee jump, Jungle Safari, Bird Watching and etc.


Nepal is a multi-ethnic, multilingual and multi-cultural nation. Different languages and cultures exist in Nepal, which have created a rich and unique national culture. Our national identity also depends upon this cultural and ethnic diversity. This ethnic and cultural diversity, which is also known as unity in diversity, is an important national heritage, which needs to be further strengthened. More attention and efforts are needed to promote and develop these languages and cultures on an equal basis. The laws of the land have clearly prohibited discrimination on the ground of language and ethnicity and guaranteed equal treatment to all languages and cultures. However, some anomalies and contradictions do exist in translating these constitutional provisions into practice. But the government has shown its seriousness in ensuring that there is no discrimination on the ground of caste, colour and cultures. The government has already announced a policy of providing primary education in the mother tongue of the different ethnic communities to promote and develop all national languages.


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